Yesterday I went out on a couple of errands. No big deal, probably less then a couple of K’s. Suddenly I was hearing this “Thunk… thunk” sound coming from under the Xtracycle: quiet but persistent, the sort of thing that could mean nothing or could be the prelude to the wheel dropping off. At the next stop I did a quick check of the back end. I guessed part of the Xtracycle was getting get friendly with the wheel, or the brake was catching, but the Xtra was miles away from the wheel and turning the wheel slowly didn’t bring anything odd. I turned the pedals: nothing.

I got back on, rode uphill to the main road, down into the traffic, and suddenly there it was again. At speed it sounded louder and harsher, but only when I coasted: pedaling stopped it. Something on the freewheel then.

Now I had a choice: do it myself or go to the shop? I need the bike next week, and I’ll need to organise workshop time to fix it myself, which probably won’t work until Tuesday at the earliest. I decided I need to be riding, not fixing, and took it to the shop. I’ll pick it up on Monday.

Well, it was raining all day today anyway.