I’ve hatched a plan to start cycling very early in the morning tomorrow: this will give me a chance to have a good long ride, with less traffic about, and to get back in time to play with my 3 boys. However, mindful of the possibility that the police may wonder what someone is doing on a bike at 5 am in the cold,  thought I should ask the local police station what I should carry:

Me: Is this the correct number to ask for advice?
PO: Sure, ask away.
Me: I’m going to be doing some very early morning cycling tomorrow, and I ‘m thinking the police may want to know why I’m out there at this time of day. I just wanted to check what I should carry in case they stop me?
PO: Oh, just ID.
Me: Well, I’m British, so I guess that means the passport and aufenhalterlaubnis (Like a green card)?
PO: If you like, maybe just take a copy though, it’d be a pain for you to lose the original somewhere, especially as it’s really unlikely you’ll get asked anyway.  And don’t forget to carry something to eat and drink if you’re going a long way, you don’t want to get hungry…

This is a great country.