The ever insigtful Stephen Rees has a post about the forthcoming book ‘Traffic: Why we drive the way we do (And what it says about us)’ and a link to a synopsis in the Vancouver Sun. It’s an interesting read, and made me think of my own wholly unscientific observations of driver behaviour:

1: Give a driver a 1,5m gap, and they will try and get a 2m car through it.

2: Cars with alloy wheels are predictable- you can safely predict that they will predictably pull out in front of you, not see you, overtake too close on a blind bend and then nearly clip your front wheel to avoid a truck coming the other way… (One notable exception was the driver of the grey Opel who was most considerate of Eldest Son and I last month: I salute you sir.)

3: Cars and pedestrians watch for cars, not bikes. I often use headlights in bikelanes. Of course this only works when pedestrians look before crossing the road and don’t just wander into your path.

4: Cyclists riding pavements are very likely to pull onto the road without looking.

Anyone out there have any other thoughts?