Avoid delays, take the car... er...

Experiencing the freedom of driving...

Yesterday we went on our first car journey in a very long time. We cadged a lift off someone who was going to visit some mutual friends.

Now, don’t misunderstand me: we are really grateful to our friends for taking us -it would have been pretty well impossible to go otherwise because the celebration was out of town. I don’t know  exactly what it costs to buy petrol in Germany, although I do know that drivers here dream of it being as low as four dollars a gallon, and yet our our driver refused payment.

That said, I’m in no hurry to travel by car again. We ended the day stiff and tired from being stuck and strapped down in one position for too long, and we got into a Stau (traffic jam), that was so solid this gentleman in the fast lane was able to get out of his car, amble round to the back and and put his jacket in. It took 30 minutes to travel 3km. The blockage proved to be a collision between several cars which were blocking all but one lane. And then there was the ever-present knowledge that when we passed a village we were damaging the quality of life for the people that live there.

We’ve found a railway station by our friend’s house: next time we’ll take the train.