Cyclists not welcome.

I’ve given my opinion before that our current home town of Ostfildern is just a bit slow when it comes to helping cyclists, and how facilities that are taken for granted in surrounding towns are still announced as something new by our local government. Their message to cyclists seems to be largely summed up by this notice taped to the front door of the town hall: “Please do not bring roller scooters or bikes inside!”

For an authority that loudly proclaims “We advocate alongside public transport cycling as an environmentally sustainable form of transport” the actual steps to make this happen are massively underwhelming.

The gap between statement and reality is almost farcical. The town hall  is in a new planned part of the town which was completed recently, equipped with a large underground garage. It’s apparently not possible to even spare one bay for bike parking in this garage. Presumably the taxpayers of Ostfildern are happy to subsidise car use in this way.

Well it seems it’s not just me who has noticed this. The Ostfildern chapter of the ADFC (German cycling club) have been clamouring about it for some time, and the local paper has just written a few articles on the subject. Hopefully this will embarrass the local authority into doing something towards making their claim into something like reality.

Getting rid of that silly notice would be a start. I suggest the following as a replacement:

“If you do not wish to leave your bike outside, please use the free bike parking area in the new parking garage. Thank you”