Snow. In the distance...

Snow. In the distance...

Last week we had our first snowfall. I took a picture on the basis that it will give some of my fellow bloggers a good laugh. It’s on the hills in the distance. There was snow in our village too. Honestly.

Germany is pretty sensible about snow. As a small child I lived in the North East of the UK, where the villages would be cut off for a week and my dad would carry a shovel in his car from October to March. As a teenager I went to college in Taunton in the South West of the country, and I remember being bemused by the panic that seemed to happen whenever we had 5mm of white stuff on the street. I remember cars skittering about like rookies on an ice rink. Here they just get the ploughs out at 5am and carry on as normal. It’s more practical but takes away the romance a bit.

Many local cyclists hibernate. I can understand this but they really don’t know what they are missing.

In other news, I’m meeting with a local member of the ADFC (German cycling club) tomorrow afternoon, to talk through ideas we could present to the local authority for improving the main road through the village for pedestrians and cyclists. I’ll keep you posted.