Good sign

Good sign

Yesterdays Post was on a rather sombre note, so let’s look at something hopeful. This is the fence outside youngest son’s kindergarten, (and note this 75cm high barrier is the only security measure) where the children park their bikes before going inside. It’s a cold autumn day, but still a lot of the children have opted to ride here with mum and dad, so hopefully they will remain open to this form of transport as they get older. One family in particular is very enthusiastic about this. Security here is pretty good as it is overlooked by the kindergarten- in fact I’ve forgotten to lock our son’s bike a couple of times.

A few days later I took Eldest son off to the sports lesson, and found the bike rack pretty full. I’d personally suggest that cycling is far more logical than driving to  a sports lesson, especially in a small village, and I was encouraged on this equally chilly  autumn afternoon that more children were cycling (and hopefully getting into the habit). It’s also good to see that there are more practical designs about for children’s bikes- I’ll have to look at those for Eldest Son’s bike replacement.

Logical transport…

I’m thinking of suggesting a ‘bike Bus’ for children in the village whose parents normally drive to these sports lessons, but I’m not sure if it’s a good long term idea. It’s already been suggested these are in some ways a symptom of car dependence, and that they are used as an excuse by local authorities for not providing better pedestrian or bike facilities (as in: ‘You don’t need a bike lane/traffic calming, the bike bus keeps people safe’) Does anyone have any experience or thoughts?