Looking at a dinosaur.

Look Dad: a Dinosaur...

A bike ride is a perfect way for me to get involved with the boys and their friends, so I organised one with another grown-up for Sunday afternoon. Of course it also depends on the weather playing along and typically it snowed. I decided to take the bike out to check conditions. The front wheel was flat. First puncture in 11 years.

I fixed the puncture and tried to pump up the tyre. The pump broke. Car pumps are a bit weedy when it comes to high-pressure bike tyres and I’d bought a cheap one. Still, four years isn’t a lot- less than the inner tube, in fact. Fortunately a friend has a workshop with an air compressor, so it was a simple matter to go around and get them pumped up to the 65psi (4.8 bar) they work at. Then I went out to see if the roads were passable.

The lanes we were planning to use are for tractors, people and bikes, not cars. Locally they are usually paved but not cleared of snow and about halfway across the fields a gust of wind caught the bike and blew it sideways, leaving me a bit like a cartoon character who just realised they’ve walked off a cliff. Fortunately I landed feet first, but it occurred to me that small boys may end up going wherever the wind took them.

So I went to Eldest Son’s friend and suggested that we go, but around the village. Only then did I discover that he’d had a new bike for his birthday, and Dad having absented himself some time before, he hadn’t been on a proper ride yet.

So we went around the village, looked at the trucks by the print works, talked about how to cycle safely, had impromptu races, and one epic snowball fight in the fresh snow, and delivered one very happy snow covered boy on home ninety minutes later.