At a table by the door of our local ‘Aldi’ supermarket, two people in vivid green were standing by a table which carried the slogan ‘Du brauchst bewegung!’ (‘You need exercise!’) written in large , eaqually vivid green letters. They were trying very hard to interest people in their health centre and the advantages it offered for health and wellbeing, by passing out a small leaflet to every person going into the supermarket- except me. They completely ignored me. I know this because I deliberately made eye contact and said hello to them. They were friendly enough (so I guess that ‘completely ignored’ is a bit unfair) but never offered me a leaflet.

Were they only aiming for a certain age group? Did I look too broke? (I’m a starving writer after all) Or was it because I’d just come into the carpark at some speed on the Xtracycle?

Maybe this health centre doesn’t target cyclists. I wonder if they figured out that cyclists don’t need their rather expensive gym facilities. which shows they understand what most of our local council members have yet to get their heads around.

I would have liked to ask the people giving out leaflets why I wasn’t part of their demographic, but unfortunately while I was going through the checkout I saw them leaving. In a car.