Which side would you use?

'Shared Space' in action...

So I’m walking home, and as I come around the corner this is what I find. I know that trucks are a part of the transport system, and I’ve been told many times that they are often the most economical way to bring food to supermarkets. (This is one of those ridiculous arguments that we’ve come to accept because we’ve been drilled into believing it, but if you think about it for a few minutes it starts to look pretty suspect: It was more economical for the British Empire to produce cotton and sugar with slaves, but that doesn’t make it right). Anyway, leaving aside the role trucks play, but they have no business parking on pavements (sidewalks). I am able to see so I didn’t walk into it as a blind person might, and I don’t need to use a wheelchair, so I could have walked through the narrow gap left for foot traffic, but that struck me as dangerous if the truck started moving, and besides, why should pedestrians scuttle through what gaps are available so cars can drive how they please?

So I walked on the road, right in the middle.

Yes, I did cause a traffic jam.

Look on it as a sort of  ‘Shared Space’ experiment.