I was intending to write about a bike ride over the weekend, but ever more snow came down, and on Valentines Day Beautiful Wife was stuck in bed with ‘flu, so I was looking after her and Da Boys and shovelling snow every day, which doesn’t leave much time or energy for going out on two wheels. So instead here’s something that made me laugh out loud a couple of weeks ago.

Park it by the door...

Exhibit 'A'

Exhibit ‘A’: A possible contender for the People Powered inspired parking award of the year. If the car was any closer, I’m not sure they could have opened the door. This sets a very high standard for the rest of the year. I don’t know if it could possibly be bettered.

If you’re wondering, it’s blatantly, clearly, obviously, not a parking space, but neither is where exhibit ‘B’ is parked. I’m wondering if they are in the same meeting, or if the car was parked there in protest. Exhibit ‘A’ is going to have a real job getting out: maybe the peasants revolt has started after the Christmas break.

Exhibit B

Exhibit 'B'