Xtracycle looking chic while commuting.

I once saw a car advert where the main character left his ultra-modern house, waved goodbye to his chic wife, and drove off through forests and hills before arriving in a great industrial metropolis with factories and skyscrapers, but a suspicious lack of congestion, pedestrians or traffic lights. He drove out of the city again, into the deserted countryside -still no other cars: was this some post-nuclear world?- and back to the same ultra-modern house. He parked the car in the same place on the drive and entered his home office where his wife was waiting, now dressed as a secretary. The slogan was: “It’s a driver’s car, so drive it”. Even at ten years old I found this an odd notion, and concluded this car was for people -specifically men- with more money than sense.

However, in the interests of full disclosure, I will admit that  since I got the Xtracycle I’ve started to do almost exactly the same thing. Every morning I get the Xtracycle out, load my laptop case and briefcase, put Middle Son on the back seat, cycle up to the Kindergarten, take Middle Son inside (and the laptop, just in case). I help him take his coat off, hug him goodbye, and then get back on the Xtracycle (hopefully remembering the laptop) and cycle to work, a total distance of about a kilometre, possibly a bit more when I have time to go the long way around, or when I forget the laptop and have to go back to get it. I fully admit to getting excited about even this short run, and recieving odd looks from strangers when I’m laughing out loud at the sheer pleasure of riding a bike down a hill on a crisp morning.

Towards midday I ride up to the kindergarten, pick up Middle Son and bring him back home, often making a detour to see building site, or look at the birds, or watch a tractor, or just for the fun of it. Beats a lonely drive through a deserted city any day.