Bike as transport in Ostfildern

On another Father and Son bike ride last week we passed through the ‘new’ part of Ostfildern where there has been a bit more thought than usual given to making it for people and not for cars. It’s still not brilliant, but even with this token effort there are far more bikes. While some probably only go out every second weekend in summer, many are clearly used for daily transport, like this one, which had clearly just come back from a ride with the kids, maybe to the shops which are only a kilometre away.

This is the only part of the Ostfildern where there are segregated cycleways within the town, but to reach the shops in this planned and allegedly ‘sustainable settlement’ you need to cross a busy road, and lock your bike to a railing or a hopelessly inadequate and often uncovered Sheffield stand.

Yet even this minimal cycling infrastructure, a few routes that are safe for children to ride on without adults supervising them, and a handful of places where cars have to drive slowly, and people ride for transport. The evidence is here, right in front of us, so when will Ostfildern start getting serious about cycling and see what some real infrastructure achieves?