Picnic time.

Picnic time.

Last weekend was warm enough to go out without a coat, so we had a with a picnic with friends outside of the village to celebrate Spring arriving. The Xtracycle brought Daddy, Middle Son, Middle son’s bike (we were a bit late and had to hurry) and some drinks, and these were joined by olives and nice cheese, German bread, and other niceness prepared by Beautiful Wife. The boys were torn between hunger and wanting to play and eventually the chance to splash about in the stream was too much so they made a good effort at flooding the surrounding countryside with a dam of sticks, stones and leaves while the Grown-ups talked, and came over to help move big stones and logs that were too heavy. In the end we all ended up playing.

Last week I was able to ride without gloves on dry roads, enjoy the sunshine and the silence you get when you aren’t splashing through puddles for the first time in about two weeks. The birds were singing, the buds came out on the trees and the promise of spring, in all its glory, hung in the air.

Last night it snowed. At the time of writing it’s late afternoon, and it’s been snowing all day, except when it’s been raining.