Our current apartment is damp, expensive and on a busy road, and after searching for some time we were suddenly told last week that an apartment  was up for rent on a quiet road in the village, so we went along to have a look, more to eliminate it from the list than anything as we thought it would be way over our budget. This one had all the signs of being unaffordable: recently refurbished with a newly tiled toilet and bathroom, a brand new heating system installed two years ago and extra insulation added to the roof at the same time. We usually take this as a bad sign: when a laondlord invest heavily in a building they usually expect a high return. I was so convinced that this wasn’t going to happen, that I almost didn’t bother to ask the price, but eventually we did, to get it over with.
It turned out to be within budget.
It’s an attic flat, which of course means a lot of steps to climb, but in Germany comes under a different set of rules to a normal apartments, mainly that when the roof is lower than a certain height, the rent goes down. We’re not as tall as the average German so the low roof will be less of an issue, and to be away from the main road will be a more than adequate pay-off in any case. Besides, the height means we can see over the houses opposite to the trees and the hills in the distance. I’d be willing to move for that alone.
Not only that, but the heating costs would be lower than we currently pay, and the new heating system means we’ll have a much lower environmental impact. Not exactly zero, but a lot better than the environmental disaster we have now. And there’s a safe place for us to store our bikes with a step-free entrance, which can’t be taken for granted in this part of Germany.
We took the boys to see the place and they were all thoroughly excited about it, so we’ve been rushing about getting things signed, writing to the current landlord and giving three months notice and generally trying to get organised which is why the blog went quiet for a week, but yesterday we were told we can move in on the first of June.
Gorgeous wife is already packing.