The 'Icarus' and the sunset.

It’s still very busy at the moment, partly because of the move but also because of other big changes which are looming on the horizon: good changes, but big ones nonetheless and we need to get a lot done. I’ll fill you in when I know more.

However, we’ve got a new addition to the transport stable,  and I’ve been trying to find time to blog about it for ages. Eldest Son has been wanting a ‘real bike’ ever since he realised that his little BMX style mud bike didn’t have a luggage rack and that wet roads spray, so a couple of weeks ago we went out to a second-hand bike market run by one of the local cycling clubs, and when he saw this one -the ‘Icarus’- it was love at first sight. There were others in slightly better condition but this one had straight handlebars and bar ends like daddy’s, so there was no contest really. It took a bit of work to get the brakes lined up and I still need to solder one of the cables on the dynamo light, but it was worth it to see Eldest Son’s smile as he rode it back to our village.

As far as Eldest Son is concerned, this is a work bike: every time I go shopping, he wants to come with me. If I point out that it’s raining he reminds me that his bike has mudguards, so what’s the problem? As far as he’s concerned he’s mobile and he wants to use it. You’ll probably have to put up with a number of ‘trip reports’ from us both now.

Eldest Son escaping from the camera. Again.

Eldest Son escaping from the camera. Again.

Meanwhile Middle Son is getting ambitions of downhill racing -I knew I shouldn’t let him see those YouTube videos- so he’s clamouring for me to teach him how to ride.