The cyclists are coming out of hibernation, blinking in the Spring sunlight. From being almost the sole user of the cycleways I’m now meeting several cyclists a time, and when possible, I’m taking pictures of the more interesting steeds around. One of the first, and certainly one of the best kept is a regular near where I work: it belongs to the building administrator and it’s always in near-perfect condition. The extra luggage racks make it look like a closet tourer, ready to change Superman-like into the perfect long-distance machine, but for now it pootles about the village on errands and dreams of Alpine passes.

Another village regular is this one which belongs to a retired manager manager at some big firm. When the owner of this bike drives, he uses a top-end Mercedes, but he’s clearly applied the accumulated knowledge of his career to his home finances and sensibly uses the low-cost option for local journeys. Notice the high security bike lock.