The Totcycle blog, which for some reason I neglected to link to, has a report on their Kidical mass event which they held over the weekend. As far as I can work out this is an all-age family party involving bikes, but without the “in-your-face” approach of Critical Mass protests. They obviously had a Bakfiets-load of fun and will be doing it again. In fact, it sounded like so much fun, I’m thinking of suggesting it to the local cycling club as a way to get families on bikes locally. After listening to several local politicians making excuses over the weekend for not improving infrastruture,  (More on this later) I think this more grass -roots stuff is more the way to go in future: maybe then they will take a bit more notice, but either way we will get more people cycling which is good for everyone.

It’s pretty safe too. The photo was taken early yesterday morning while taking a suprise bread delivery to my Goddaughter’s family for her daddy’s birthday breakfast. A car free road perfect for relaxed riding.