Yeah, Right.

Yeah, Right.

“Because new is cleaner. The Environment Premium Plus”

There’s an old saying amongst writers that  when you write satire, you’ll never beat real life.

This advert shows how: the problem is where to start amongst the rich pickings of nonsense? The idea that scrapping a perfectly good car and buying a new one is good for the environment? That’s an interesting suggestion, as the old, and by implication, dirty vehicles were made by the same people that now want you to buy new ones, so are car companies now saying the very vehicles they claimed were clean and effecient are actually dirty polluters?  Have they just found this out?

The really lovely bits are in that green panel entitled, “The Environment Premium Plus.”   As presented here, the ‘Environment Premium Plus’ package has the following points: on top of the government handout of €2500 for scrapping your old car, you’ll get an extra reduction, 0,9% Financing, Insurance, and a lengthened gaurantee.

The new Greenwash, coming to a town near you. And if you don’t drive the car companies will take your money anyway.

Back to more positive stuff soon, I promise.