Right now, as you read this, I’ll be stuck in an aluminium people-can somewhere in the stratosphere over Siberia with little leg room, less fresh air, and looking forward to the next dose of plastic food as a break in the monotony. This is called modern airline travel. I don’t like flying much, not least for the environmental implications, but I must confess I wasn’t thinking about that when I fell in love with a pretty Japanese girl about ten years ago.

So let’s talk about something more interesting, like this video from Totcycle about bike boulevards in the US. I’m guessing they are similar to the ‘car as guest’ routes we have here in Germany and the Netherlands, but it’s encouraging that they are growing in popularity in the car-dominated culture of the US: there may be hope for Stuttgart yet.

It’s also a possible solution to the constant fighting about bike infrastructure vs. parking although for the record, I’m still happier away from cars then sharing roads with them, even when they are moving slowly, but it seems a positive step. Any thoughts or experiences?

In a few days, when I’m over the jet-lag, I’ll start posting pictures of Japan and the bicycling culture there, try and get some low-cost spares for my bike and maybe even replace the blog header.