There’s good news and bad news at the moment: The good news is that I’ve got (read: borrowed) a bicycle: a maroon, single-speed Omafiets with full mudguards, full chain guard, a saddle like a sofa and a dented basket. The basket is handy for recognition when I’ve parked next to several dozen near-identical bikes (This happens a lot in Japan). I’ve christened her Oma which is unoriginal, but she’s an old lady and doesn’t like rough ground: the other day I nearly ejected the shopping out of the basket when I ran over a drain. She’s answered my first question about Japanese cycling, which was how my lovely wife used a town bike in Japan but can’t get a small enough version in Germany. The answer, of course is that in Japan town bikes use 26” wheels, not 700cc. Obvious when you think about it. We’re considering buying an old bike and taking the frame home for Beautiful Wife. The not so good news is that we’re having trouble with our internet connection is Slow: slower than a very slow thing, in fact, so it’s difficult to upload the pictures I’ve taken of Oma and our adventures, (or even respond to comments: sorry about that, but, I’ll get to them) Next week I’ll not be posting at all because we’ll be travelling to visit family and I doubt I’ll be able to get on line at all, but I’ll keep making notes of the journey and taking photos ready for the time we get back and I make the mother of all uploads.. Just wondering, but would people be interested in general stuff about where we go, or should I stick to bicycle-related material?