Photographed on arrival at our home. It can only get better.

Hopefully this will soon be a beautiful bicycle for Beautiful wife. Eventually. We found it in a cellar where it’s languished for at least 12 years, unwanted and gradually gathering dust . It’s a bit of a wreck a complete wreck. It’ll be a while before we can even make it ridable. A few months ago I wouldn’t have looked twice, but talking with people here and reading things like the old bike blog have got me interested in having a go at a full bike makeover.

Those brakes will have to go. It needs dusting too...

And this will be a full makeover: the gears are shot, the bottom bracket is a mess , a complete crank is missing and the tyres are shredded, but it’s still what I’ve been looking for since I started the blog: a steel small framed bike with metal mudguards, a luggage rack, and most importantly, 26″ wheels. And it was free.

Ghastly colour scheme and remains of Bottom Bracket

Beautiful Wife has laid down one condition: I can do whatever I want with the components to make it ridable, but it needs to be a different colour. First. Before anything else. I’m in full agreement as I think the current scheme could frighten horses. She wants a dark coffee brown, matt. A friend has access to a paint shop and I’m waiting for him to cost some paint.

Front end with odd handlebars.

So that looks like my winter project. I’m no expert though so I’m open to suggestions and ideas: What would other people suggest I look out for? What would be a good place to start on the renovation? And what suggestions would other people have for replacement parts?

All suggestions gratefully received…