Beautiful Wife on the way home from shopping in the next town. Despite my whining, we can get to most places we need to go in Ostfildern using traffic free routes like this, or residential and traffic calmed streets. Even better, it’s predominantly uphill to the shops, which of course means the return with a full load is easier.
Of course this may get a bit harder soon as Ostfildern has yet to wake up to the notion of clearing these roads in winter and we’ve yet to see how the Bakfiets responds to snow. There was a promise last year that the newly-employed park ranger would keep the roads clear of mud and snow, but as there are about 50km of these routes and the same ranger also has to look after the forests and other areas in Ostfildern I never believed that one, and I’ve not been dissapointed.

Most of the official (Blue circle) cycle lanes are kept clear. In one bizzaire case last year the council ploughed the lane for about 500m and then stopped. The point where the plough stopped was where the cycle lane runs out of sight from the road. Not that that has anything to do with it, of course.

Fortunately the Xtracycle seems to enjoy hard-packed snow, so I’ll just let the illegal cars pack it down for a day, then carry on as normal. Cars do have their uses after all.

From our apartment we can see the hills in the distance, and they’ve gained a light dusting of snow, so we sould get our turn soon…