I’m very much aware that I’ve not posted in a while.

This was partly because I was trying to catch up with everything work-wise that needed doing before Christmas, which I still haven’t achieved, but I have now given up. It was also partly because I realised I was getting stressed trying to keep blogging, I felt I didn’t have anything positive worth saying for a couple of weeks, and I don’t want this to become my platform for ranting about things.

So here’s something positive, although it’s a couple of weeks old: the last few days of autumn were beautiful this year, and I was fortunately running errands for most of these days so I got to be outside and enjoy them.

Sunshine, no traffic and a ride on the Xtracycle: it doesn’t get much better…

Cycleway junction with signpost

Riding into the sunrise

And more sunrise...

I couldn't stop taking sunrise pictures. Okay, that's the last one.

Wood cut for winter, and a saddle.

Detail of a garden gate

I’ll be working on Beautiful wife’s bike over the holidays, so I doubt I’ll be able to post anything before new year, and then work  will hit hard in January so I’ll be amazed if I manage more than one post a week. In the meantime, many thanks for a great 2009 together, for reading and commenting, and have a safe and Happy Christmas and new year…