After a great holiday near Freiburg, one of Germany’s cycling cities, we’re back in Ostfildern/Carville and getting back into routine. Yesterday was a Bakfiets day.

First we went recycling. It is impossible to ride a Bakfiets quietly when you’re carrying a large plastic box full of glass.

Then we went food shopping, because it’s not fun eating green furry bread. When I got out I caught the Bakfiets chatting up this lovely German lady.

Last winter, the winter cyclists  all knew each other by sight, or at least knew each other’s bikes by sight, but this year I’ve noticed more bikes around than before. Many are aged but solid and designed to go out every day with minimal maintenance. The bikes I mean.

While I was there someone came and asked questions about the Bakfiets, because they are looking for an alternative to a car. So I gave them a test drive. Maybe there is hope for a cycling revolution, even in Ostfildern.

Unfortunately now I’m home it means I’m back to work (of the normal kind) but I’ll post when I can.