At last the snow isn’t falling. A bit of sun helped too, and now the roads are clearing. Good thing too: the one lesson I learned from this is that the Bakfiets doesn’t like snow. The Xtracycle coped better, although the new tyres don’t quite have the grip of my older Michelins, so I’ve been walking as much as cycling. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

We’ve been holed up inside and looking at how our ‘people powered’ lifestyle can develop beyond simply cycling as transport.We’ve found the Transition Movement, whichI immediately liked because it seems to be about finding answers as much as highlighting problems and protesting (valid though that is). It also seems positive and optimistic, and community based, and as I’ve long since decided politicians are the last people to turn to for solutions, I’m all for that.

The charity seems to be about preparing people and towns to move to more localised economies in the face of Peak Oil and Climate Change. Their video sums up their work well although its just under an hour long, so you may want to scroll sown to the first in a set of YouTube videos which present roughly the same film in more bite-sized ten minute chunks.

We’ve started on our own path along this way already, but it’s good to although we may be crazy, as our local society says, we’re in good company.

In Transition 1.0 from Transition Towns on Vimeo.

You Tube version: