It’s the weathers fault.

We’ve had some of the worst snow in living memory, or at least in my living memory, and of course Ostfildern haven’t cleared the bike lanes, again. They were pretty slow clearing streets as well, but to be fair how much clearing is worthwhile in a blizzard with storms predicted all night?

Most of my cycling was with the Bakfiets -the low centre of gravity and crossbar were hande, although the small front wheel makes it a bit lively in deep snow. Rides were along the lines of: Take snow clearing stuff to kindergarten. Shovel white stuff for an hour, ride home.

We tried getting to the Circus School yesterday but many of the routes were still snowed up colpletely. Eldest son made a heroic job of getting back on his bike and I was well proud of him.

People kept saying “Be careful” when I rode in the snow, and one person told me she found it too dangerous to ride in the Bakfiets. As they drive into Stuttgart daily I pointed out tha they were more likely to be killed in their car than my Bakfiets but this didn’t compute… Personally I found it safer then than now because drivers were more cautious on the snow covered roads: now it’s still freezing but the roads are black so they drive faster again.

Hopefully the thaw will reach the bike lanes next week: I miss my Xtracycle.