It’s been a small person day. Firstly, one of my boys little kindergarten friends had confided in his mum that he really wanted a ride in the Bakfiets, so this lunchtime I made his day by bringing the extra seat and riding him carefully home. Then while waiting for Eldest  son I had a discussion with a small person who had been inspecting the Bakfiets critically:

Small Person: Why do you have that?
Me: Because we don’t have a car. I use it like a car.
Small Person: (Eyes widen) Really?
Me: Yes.
Small Person: (testing out the concept) You don’t have a car?
Me: No, we don’t.
Small Person: But what about when you have a holiday?
Me: We go on the train.
Small Person: I mean, when you are on holiday. And you go away. To somewhere else.
Me: (trying not to laugh) Yes?
Small Person: How do you get where you have holiday? You use a car, right?
Me: No, we get our other bikes and we go on the train.
Small Person: Really?
Me: Yes, really.
Small Person: (points at Bakfiets) But not with that though, ‘cos that’d be way too heavy.
Me: No, I have another bike for that…
Small person: For the train?
Me: Yes, for the train…
At this point the school bell rang…