Spring arrived last week, and it seems to be staying this time: The grass is green, the birds are singing and the bike lanes are finally usable again. Last week was our beautiful God-daughter’s 4th birthday and we were invited to a small party with her family to celebrate. So naturally we cycled. Eldest son cycled himself, as usual: This is a great way for him to learn independence, and besides, it was uphill and he’s getting heavy. Beautiful wife has now got the hang of the (“her”) Bakfiets, but  I carried youngest son on the Xtracycle.

It was the first family ride this year that we didn’t have to wear gloves. I’d forgotten what my handlebar grips feel like. It was nice to see the scenery again instead of having to scrutinising the surface just in front of the bikes for ice or blackened lumps of snow waiting to throw us off our bikes.

Beautiful girl seen on the way.

“Just throw it in the Bakfiets”

Once over the hill, wife and son pulled away…

And disappeared…

Our hosts let us park in their underground garage, (which is wonderful for security and keeping the bikes dry, but a bit of a pull back out ) and we went to see our god-daughter enjoying being a princess for the day.

Four years already…

On the way home Beautiful Wife has suggested she’d like to wear a long-ish skirt on the bike but she’s a bit concerned about it blowing up as she rides. As I’m not in the habit of wearing skirts on or off bikes any suggestions from more experienced skirt/dress wearing cyclists would be welcome.

She’s also keen to get her own bike working, (so am I: she’s frozen onto the Bakfiets) so I’ve been spraying primer on the frame of the old clunker we were given. Unfortunately this revealed cracks in the weld so next week I’ll be talking to a metalworker friend of mine about how serious they are, and if they can be fixed. I’m not too worried if it turns out to be a problem, as it’s been a good practice piece and I’m reasonably happy with how it turned out.