I don’t write about bad driving a lot here, partly because it makes cycling locally look dangerous, which it isn’t, certainly compared to the UK. Normally, 99% of the time drivers are reasonably courteous and sensible,  give room when overtaking and don’t buzz you too much.

So why is it that on certain days they seem to collectively stop thinking in their metal boxes. Is it the full moon? First day they switch the air conditioning on? Herd mentality? Or are they collectively trying to make a case for bike infrastructure? In five normally stress free kilometres I experienced the following:

10m into journey:
Oncoming car driving in my lane, trying to fit into the 2m gap between me and parked cars: fast.

Approaching junction, a car comes around a blind bend in the middle of the road and swerves around me. Not fast, but annoying.

400m: Riding in primary position uphill on a fairly busy road. Car overtakes as we approach a blind bend, forcing oncoming car almost onto the opposite pavement.

Car parked in ‘No parking’ area across kindergarten entrance.

Same car still there, engine running while driver sorts out his GPS navigator.

As I squeeze out and wait for passing car (driving at 50 in a 30 zone) another car is waiting for me to move, clearly planning to park in the ‘no parking’ zone

Car stops and opens door in front of me.

Driving in middle of road, Oncoming car drives towards me in the assumption that I’ll get out of the way. Somewhere. Certainly the driver seemed put out when I didn’t.

truck driver parks truck over half the road at a junction while he uses his phone. Then despite my having right of way, just drives off.

Thankfully soon afterwards I was able to get onto a cycle lane, just after a parked car suddenly started moving while I was passing, but that’s why we ride in prime isn’t it?

I’m used to thinking for drivers, and expect them to be unpredictable. Besides I’ve cycled in the UK and nothing in Germany compares to that. It was just weird that suddenly half the drivers in the village seemed to be unusually dozy. Then I got home and found Karl On Sea has been having the same problems. Perhaps it’s European Bad Driving day. Or volcano ash.