We’ve gone out and bought yet another bike for Eldest Son, because we realised he’d soon have trouble steering  the old one because his knees were getting in the way, and three gears are fine for local rides, but  aren’t up to our local terrain. The new one is a used bike from from The Shop. I think the bike spent most of its previous existence in a garage: it had more cobwebs on it than oil. After some work it now runs as sweet a silk, but is has a sufficiently ‘used’ appearance that it won’t get stolen if/when he starts riding it to school.

We decided on a gentle ride to try the bike out, a lightly graded 20km to make sure everything was running as it should, so we had a trip to the TV tower, built in the 60’s when the leaders of Stuttgart decided that what the war-torn, recovering city really needed was a giant concrete needle poking into the sky. Still it gave us a good landmark to aim for and there’s a decent trail through the forest which stops at a Stadtbahn (metro) station, which would be handy if something went wrong. I don’t know why I worried: Eldest Son was paced me and sometimes pulling ahead: say what you like about 21 speed derraileur bikes, but he’s enjoying cycling again, which I view as a good thing.

We followed the first run with a slightly longer one to Esslingen, our local Big Town, so he could get a chance to try hill climbing and see what real cycle infractructure looks like. We had a great ride, and now he’s been seen looking at maps in search of new worlds to conquer.

The total distance in Km when we got home from Esslingen, because no-one locally will believe  us otherwise.

All this riding has left me with little time and energy for blogging, but I’m sure I’ll ramble on next week sometime.