Every now and again I do some spring cleaning on the Xtracycle, I’ll take the spraydeck and side loaders off, empty them, clean then thoroughly and then spend at least ten minutes trying to remember how to put them back on again. It’s quite an exciting experience because I often find things I’d lost months before and given up hope of ever finding again, although the thought that I’ve been schlepping them about for months is not encouraging.

This time I think I broke all records for an Xtracycle haul. The inside pockets contained (from top left):

Map of Stuttgart
cereal bars
Plastic rubbish picked up from road (goodness knows when)
Three packs of seeds
Pack of batteries for lights, pluss
Spare repair sheets for the bike shop.
Rubbish bag (for waterproofing things if it rains)
Torch and knife
First aid kit (3 Small boys- nuff said)
LED Blinky light
Two packs of dead batteries (Which by the looks of them, have been there some time, I really need to get a dynamo set)
Oily rag
Foam tube to protect paint when locking bike.
Bike lock
Hexagonal keys
Smallest Son’s waterproof coat
Hoodie top
Another plastic bag for waterproofing things. (Probably forgot about the rubbish bag)

To that, add the saddle cover, two trekking straps and 2m long rope, and hexagonal key set in the little meshpockets.

I don’t know which is worse: that I didn’t realise realise I was carrying this lot, that having found out I put most of it back into the bike, or that I found it interesting enough to write a blog entry about it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll try and figure how to put the side loaders back on the Xtracycle.