I used to park the Bakfiets in the cycle parking at the kindergarten, but now I park right in the middle of the hatching. This is why.

I know it isn’t a brilliant solution but asking nicely doesn’t help and I got tired of coming out of the Kindergaten to find a car blocking me in.

Unrelated question: The Boss at The Shop offered me a set of used hydraulic rim brakes for the Xtracycle. Assuming they can be made to work, what do people think about using them? I’m told that once set up they last for a long time, but surely the beauty of bikes is that they are simple, and having maintained a hydraulic system it seems there’s a lot of complex bits to go wrong. On the other hand, the long cable to the back brake on the Xtracycle  makes the brake a bit squidgy unloess I keep it lined up just right: it’d be nice to be able to just forget about it.

Any thoughts anyone?