This weeks post was going to be about how the wonderfully warm Autumn was bringing the cyclists out in force, but winter arrived last week and we’re dealing with temperatures below freezing all of a sudden. When I mentioned this to a friend in California he asked “Don’t you wish you had a heater, and four wheels?”

I see the point: I have to wrap the small boys and me into so many layers that we look like Michelin men for the kindergarten run, but if I was driving I’d miss all this…

Sunrise with Xtracycle handlebars. Smoke from tree on horizon is from a power station in the distance. I should have spotted that.

Fingers freezing: the things I do for you, honestly.


Possibly one of my favourite pictures, not least because it was a point-and-shoot with little expectation it’d work.

Fresh new dawn, road, Xtracycle.

On balance, you can keep the heater, I’ll have the view.

When I uploaded these pictures I noticed that I always hold the camera the same way: most of the ‘portrait’ pictures need to be turned ‘clockwise’ to make them upright, but ones taken at a low angle have to be turned ‘anticlockwise’ so I guess I must hold the camera the other way.

I’m not boring you, am I?