I’d be happy to admit I’m pretty badly organised, but I’d only be adding my voice to the chorus. This makes me highly grateful for people like Disgruntled reminding me to order seeds if I plan to grow anything this season. After the success of the mini carrots and the leuttices lettuces last year* I’m getting a lot more ambitious with a grand master plan involving home-made earthboxes, mini pots for smaller things, a comfrey/worm bin down in a corner of the back courtyard that the letting agent says I can use, and maybe even some kind of cold frame to extend the season. It’s not exactly a permaculture farm, but you have to start somewhere.

Real gardeners, who actually have a garden, now start making spreadsheets on Excel. I wrote a list on the back of an envelope because that’s what I usually end up doing anyway whenever I try and use computers for data.

This years attempt will include (subject to advice and reading permaculture books)

Comfrey for composting**
Leuttice Lettuce
And hopefully Tomatoes, which I’m mildly addicted to.

I’ll also try for some of the herbs we use a lot of. I’d like to grow some beans but they seem to have seriously expansionist tendencies and we have to hang the washing somewhere.

If a native speaker can advise me what the German is for “Those metal brackets you use to hold window boxes in”, I’ll get a few of those too…

*Continued inability to spell ‘Lettuce’ first time notwithstanding.
** I was tempted to grow spinach for this as I can’t think of a better use for it, but I refrained.