I’m currently away in Freiburg again on weekend two of the permaculture course, and hopefully taking pictures of real bicycle infrastructure. So here’s a random thought for this week.

Whenever I’m inside, I prefer to be barefoot, unless it is really freaking cold. Sounds weird, I know, but there you are.
People who are familiar with our tree hugging, car free lifestyle probably think that I’m being ‘in touch with the earth’ or something, but it’s simply that for some odd reason, I find wearing socks or shoes indoors leads to all kinds of moisture-related discomfort. When I’m barefoot, my feet stay dry and gradually warm up of their own accord, so I have toasty feet all day.

It’s probably just me that finds this.

People react in different ways, but the most common is “You’ll catch a cold”. I very, very rarely catch a cold. I used to spend the entire winter sniffing and coughing, and inhaling over hot salty water, but since I started cycling daily I find that I can be surrounded by sneezing people with not a snuffle.

So there. Another advantage to a car -free lifestyle. Of course it’s debatable if this is because the exercise helps my immune system or if I just freeze the germs to death every winter morning.

I’ve learned sufficient ‘civilisation survival skills’ that I no longer get annoyed that it’s socially acceptable to tell people off for being barefoot but not for driving, so I don’t go up to people and say things like “Driving again? You’ll get a cold if you keep doing that” but it’s sometimes tempting.

Of course, now I’ve said all that I’ll catch a cold tomorrow, you watch.