We’re slowly turning the Very Smallholding into a place we can grow food in, invite people to, maybe even run some workshops in at some point. At the moment we’re trying to solve the mystery of the Shed.

There are rumours amongst the locals that the shed was built some time ago with planning permission, which could be very handy: it’s quite large, and to get planning permission for a comparable building now would require a sewage line to be fitted at enormous cost. Unfortunately it has a roof made of Asbestos (and leaks) and the shed is currently leaning forwards, possibly because it is losing the battle with the hill and will eventually become an avalanche, or possibly just from age: I haven’t got around the back to find out yet.

If we find out that the building is ‘legal’, and we renovate it, we have to be even more careful because apparently if we knock too much of the old building down we lose the ‘permission’ to have it there.

I’m currently trying to contact the landowners to get hold of paperwork.

Or maybe I’ll just make a yurt.

In the meantime I’m working on the compost bin. It’s less exciting but at least I don’t need planning permission.