One of the problems with working in small scale theatre is that everyone thinks it’s a terrific idea but considerably less people actually want to pay for it, so it’s time to look for alternative and preferably flexible work so we can afford to do what we want to do in the Very Smallholding as well as splash out on other luxuries, like food. Writing in English is a bit of a non-starter when you aren’t in an English speaking country (if you know otherwise, do tell) but a chance conversation with another Brit on a train has revealed that translation is a possible money earner.

I’d always assumed that to translate you need some kind of state certificate and the ability to write flowing German prose, but apparently most people only translate from their second language into their first, and agencies will test you themselves by sending a text and a deadline to make sure really able to do the job. As I’ve done a fair bit of translation of varied subjects for various people, I should be more than up to the task. All I need to do is write an application letter, get it translated into formal business German (ironic I know) and send it off to various agencies to see what happens, which is where you lot come in.

I’m told I have a slight tendency towards pessimism, and one of the ways this shows up is that I put things off -the draft of the letter has been sitting on my desktop for a week now, for example- so I’m hoping that by writing my intentions here I’ll be a bit more motivated to get on with the application. If you don’t hear anything about this in the next couple of weeks, feel free to remind me.