It’s school holidays this week, which means we’re doing less in the ‘work’ front and we have Eldest Son to ourselves for a bit, which is always a good thing. This week we’ve been working in the garden assisted by a friendly Doberman called Yoko who has a sweet and gentle nature unless you happen to be a cat. Every twenty minutes or so she will come and inspect what we’re doing for interesting smells, and makes sure the bushes are free of dangerous felines. Yoko belongs to the Local Hermit, who will probably feature here in the future as he works in a goat farm and made the generous offer of half a ton of goat poo to put on the cardboard mulch. Unfortunately we have a logistical problem there: the landing site for the goat poo delivery is full of a sealed bag of asbestos sheets and assorted non-burnable rubbish from the great shed clearance so that will have to wait a week or two before we can get rid of it and make the next step towards making the Very Smallholding into a potential venue for workshops and learning about permaculture.

Meanwhile I’m getting all visionary again: The Bramble Jungle at the bottom of the Very Smallholding could be a natural amphitheatre. Of course when you’ve worked in small scale theatre for long enough, most corners, spaces or random lumps in the ground look like a potential performance space but still, its an interesting idea.

Thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments on the previous post: the letter is translated and ready to go: and those more familiar with etiquette than I: would you email possible agencies or use snail mail?