For some strange reason Beautiful Wife wasn’t convinced by my cunning plan for cycling to Japan. Instead she has wrestled the internet into submission and found a flight that was relatively inexpensive, allows us to stay in Japan for a reasonable amount of time, and fly with an airline which we’re fairly confident will have the seats properly bolted to the floor. Normally we hope for two out of the three.
It’s important to get there this year because my father in law is seriously ill, and getting worse, by all accounts, so we really want to get some time with him while we still can. I’m not sure what either of us will do without him: some people leave a big gap even when they’re a long way away, and with his wisdom and humour he’ll be one of those people.
I’ll have plenty to be getting on with while I’m in Japan, and we’ll be travelling about, but in an effort to keep my readers happy (i.e. keep my google statistics stats up), I will of course keep blogging. Japan is a whole new world in terms of blogging subjects, but I was wondering what you lot would like me to write about -bearing in mind we’ll be a long way from the touristy places. Here’s a few of my thoughts, add your ideas or questions in the comments.

  1. Cycling in Japan tips.
  2. The local bike shop (which is so eccentric it deserves its own post).
  3. The neighbourhood.
  4. The other Japan (The one without skyscrapers or concrete).
  5. Pictures of interesting places and things seen on bike rides/walks.
  6. Riding the single speed granny bike which I’ll hopefully be able to use. (Or a series of posts about me trying to get hold of a bike)
  7. All manner of random entries about life in Japan in general and cycling, particular.

Over to you.