I’ve picked up a bad habit at work.

In a previous life I was a juggler. I was never confident enough to be a particularly good one, although I did a couple of shows with someone else which involved passing juggling clubs to each other. Juggling is a bit like riding a bicycle: once you’ve got the knack you don’t forget it and you often find yourself juggling anything that comes to hand without thinking.

Kitchen knives, for example are weighted about right. And so are Park Tool pedal spanners.*

I’ve developed an unconscious habit of taking the pedal spanner out of the drawer, tossing it in a circle like a juggling club, applying it to the bike, chucking it in a circle again, and putting it back into the drawer.

Apparently this is worrying the customers.

*Known as ‘wrenches’ in certain juristictions. This is not an endorsment: other pedal spanners are available and probably fly as well. Experiment at own risk.