Our hard working camera which accompanied me on most bike rides and provided 99% of the pictures on this blog suddenly expired a few weeks back. I’d hoped that by diligently protecting this camera I’d be able to make it survive a bit longer, but I think I probably have unrealistic expectations for the longevity of electronic equipment.
Our finances are looking a tad shaky after we emptied our bank account into the internet in exchange for flight tickets to Japan and although we could borrow a very nice camera which was donated second hand to our theatre organisation , it seems very cheeky to take that on a bike ride, and frankly I’d be leery of dropping it as it isn’t really ours.
On the other hand, there’s only so much of my prose that a sane person can take without something interesting to look at, so I’ve put a ‘camera fund’ widget in the margin. If you’ve been enjoying this blog and you’d like to help us get an inexpensive ‘entry level’ compact (or preferably get the existing one repaired -there must be some little shop in a back street in Japan) feel free to add to the fund. If you can’t or don’t want to*, no worries, we’ll gather loose change from behind the sofa cushions eventually, -I’ll check all the airline seats just in case- but you may have to put up with unbroken rambling for a bit longer.

*and let’s face it, there are more pressing needs around.