As we’re now packing for Japan I’ve just checked the weather there and I’m wishing I hadn’t. It’s showing 35 degrees ‘cool’ and somewhere in the ouch range when it’s hot, and a bit hotter in towns (we’re in a town) and 100% humidity. It sounds like we’ll be swimming to cross the living room.
So I’m thinking positive and concentrating on the good things:

The food, most of it anyway, and when I get something that looks and tastes… interesting I can always blog about it, so I win both ways.
Cicadas. The things start making a noise at about four in the morning and keep going all day like students on a drinking binge, but I still like them. Of course I don’t have to put up with them all year.
Washing machines that are finished in 20 minutes. Why can’t we have those in Europe?
Being able to line-dry clothes in an hour
My Japanese family, especially my parents-in-law, my two lovely nieces, and brand new two-week-old nephew.
Bright green and yellow geckos
Trains which are always clean and never delayed. Ever.
Swimming in the Pacific ocean. It’s warm. And the beach is volcanic ash.
In Japan I’m ´’average’ clothes size. It makes shopping fun less boring than in Germany. Come to think of it, not always being the shortest person in the room will be nice too.
Sunsets which turn every surface reddish-gold.
Sleeping in tatami rooms.
Exploring tiny back roads on a bike.
Eating at cafés which look grubby enough to have a side helping of salmonella but you get to watch them making your meal. (And it tastes good, and you don’t get salmonella)
Tokyo: because when you’ve been there, everywhere else looks better by comparison.
Warm nights. I still can’t get over this concept.
Colossal thunder storms.
Flat roads to cycle along.
Time to read books. Hopefully. Perhaps.
Coming home to a cool, dry Autumn.

Come to think of it, most of those are free. Except the eating bit. And the shopping, although with my boredom threshold that’s pretty cheap anyway. Hopefully I’ll be able to get online within a few days of arriving. I’m sure the journey alone will be worth a couple of entries.

Before you start assuming we’ve got a five week holiday, I am going to be working.