One thing we always do in Japan is clothes shopping.

This is not because I’m a sad person with nothing better to do* but because I’m ‘below average height’ in Germany and it takes some searching to find something that I can use to wear and not, for example, as a tent.

So off we went through the endless strip malls to a massive clothes shop perched next to a rice paddy. I’m pretty sure that last time I went past here, it was a rice paddy.

The shop was almost entirely white inside with the with conditioning apparently on high. It was a bit like being in a giant fridge. A fridge with large photographs of moody Europeans wearing chic clothes on the walls. But the clothes fitted, and better still by the changing rooms was a member of staff with a sewing machine so they could adjust your  trousers to fit, at no extra charge. Why can’t we have something like this in Europe? It’s not like it’d break the budget of the average clothes store. I think heads should roll, frankly.

We probably spent too much but we were shopping for the next two years. Honest.

In the evening I finally tracked down a bike -two in fact- that are potentially ridable after I’ve taken them to the bike shop for repairs. Mobility beckons…

*I mean, I probably am, but that’s not the reason.