After one ‘interesting’ road journey (ever tried crossing a suspension bridge in a typhoon?), a remarkably punctual flight to from Nagoya to Helsinki, an almost comically delayed flight from Helsinki to Stuttgart, we are back where we started five weeks ago, although there will probably be a couple more posts about Japan when I get the time.

Yesterday I went for a ride went food shopping on the Bakfiets. I’d forgotten how much work is needed to move a 30 kilo bike uphill. This, and the fact that we spent more time in a car in the last five weeks than in the previous year, probably explains why my waistline expanded over summer. Looks like I’ll need to go out cycling more. It’s a tough life.

In other news, the tomato plants on the balcony are giving a crop of tomatoes, including the one I raised from seed and was told would die before it gave any fruit. The tomatoes have mysteriously been joined by several other plants, some of which I can identify, and three carrots which I forgot about survived the summer and are pretending to be a bush.

I’ll report on the garden when I have the courage to go and see what’s happened there.