We’re trying to catch up with the garden which has been doing rather well without us. We’ve found the patio again, which is useful as it doubles as a workshop, so now we can get on with making a compost bin out of pallets I’ve been collecting*. The slugs very kindly decided to let us keep the leeks in exchange for the kohl-rabi.

The boys spent some time harvesting apples until they ran out of buckets. There are several more apple trees, and some pear trees, and a lot of blackberries.

Apples are very useful things -we’re currently using a bucketful as a door stop- but I’m hoping some of you have some apple-based recipes so we can preserve some of the harvest and keep eating them through winter. In particular, all our apple chutney recipes require malt vinegar, which we can’t get. Can we just substitute other vinegars and carry on regardless?

*I can report that transporting pallets with a Bakfiets is possible, and jolly exciting down hills.