Your correspondent looking remarkably like an elderly version of the Hovis Boy, in the name of art.

The youth group I work with are putting together their Autumn theatre and film project, which is now at the acting, filming and oh-heck-are-we-going-to-make-it-in-time stage. Part of the film story is a chase sequence on bikes, because when you’re making a silent film with a lot of slapstick what you really need is a comedy  chase scene on bikes. Especially when you’ve got a beast like the Bakfiets to put the bad guy in.

So last Sunday I spent the day with a large number of young people, riding about the village in vague period costume with a collection of patently fake weapons (like the ‘gun’ in the Bakfiets). In the rain.

On Monday we’ll be doing more sequences at a local castle. To get there I’ll have to ride the Bakfiets into a deep valley and out the other side, and back again. Thinking about it, we could make our own Hovis advert right there.

If anyone is interested, I’ll ask the editor to put some clips from the film on YouTube.