Ugh. We’re already more than half a month into the year and so far it’s been a blur. I’d forgotten that interviews were so unnerving. Yesterday I had one for a three year apprenticeship, and soon I’ll have another one for a three month course. They are both in areas I’d like to work in and I’ll say more when I know a bit more. Right now I’m like a cat on hot bricks and I can’t concentrate on a thing.


I’m trying to organise the cob workshop (although one participant has gently reminded me that I’ve not responded to emails as fast as I could, sorry about that). I need a minimum of fifteen people to make the workshop worthwhile and I’ve not got anywhere near that many yet: either I’m not reaching these people or Germans aren’t interested in cob building. Any suggestions of forums or internet addresses welcome.

The workshops are slated to be in the Very Smallholding, and as half of it requires crampons and is currently infested by feral raspberry bushes with attitude and big thorns it isn’t safe to allow access by the general public, so this week I used some nervous energy productively by tidying up. The main job for this month is re-digging a veggie bed where the owner of the land, for some reason thinking that about 100 square metres of raspberry bushes was not nearly enough, planted another trellis’ worth. Now raspberry bushes are like puppies, they look all nice and cute when they’re little but soon they grow. This one grew, and grew, went feral with the others and tried to take over the garden. And the neighbours garden. So now it is gradually being eradicated one spade full at a time with some liberal use of the Anglo-Saxon vernacular.

The other major job for the month is to get two more trailer loads of poo. I think I’ll wait until the interviews are over first.