So I’ve managed a week at the carpentery workshop without losing any fingers or blowing up the paint store. On the other hand I seem to have got on well with the extremely patient people who worked there, and possibly supplied them with a fair bit of entertainment into the bargain. (While remodelling a house for someone, my supervisor stared for several seconds at a panel I’d fixed into place, then quietly asked “How many screws did you put in that?” We agreed that if the panel didn’t fall on the floor from the sheer weight of screws, the room could always serve as a bomb shelter.)

I also spent a full day trying to put together a simple wooden box (in between helping other people on their work) and I’m not about to put any pictures of it online before you ask, just in case I actually get accepted on the course: I’d never live it down.

Having spent years sitting all day moving on to a more physical job was like going on a bike tour: the third day was the hardest, and by Thursday I was actually able to hold a vaguely normal conversation which was encouraging, even if I was still too tired last night to write a blog post. I even managed to keep my energy levels high enough to concentrate on the job by wolfing down glucose and carbohydrates at every opportunity.

They say they’ll have a think over the next week or so. As far as I know I’m the only candidate for a place this year.

Now I’m preparing for another training course for something completely different. I’m doing a taster course for this next weekend, and if all goes to plan I’ll be working on that over summer before the carpentry apprenticeship starts in September.

I’ll tell you all about it, as soon as I’m awake enough to work it out myself…