So it turns out that going from working alone and sitting most of the day, to working in a big hospital and running about carrying stuff and patients, is a bit of a shock to the system. I had expected this, but the cunning plan to write three posts and then let them update automatically didn’t work out because of all kinds of boring admin related stuff I had to get through the week before.

It was worth it though. I’ve been working with an incredible team for two weeks and I’ll rather miss going to the hospital on Monday. It’s also shown that I am capable of being an EMT / Rettungsanitäter / Ambo driver, and conversations with the crews who came to the hospital show that my experience at the school was to say the least, atypical, and that there are other options locally.

Meanwhile I’m working out a way to get to the UK without flying, which as usual is proving pretty awkward. I’m trying to find a way from Rottertam Centraal railway station to the ferry port and the P and O  website claims there is a bus running from the “Eurolines bus stop Conradstraat, against TNT Post, next to the Albeda building (at the station side of the walking bridge).” Which frankly doesn’t make a lot of sense. Unfortunately their ‘helpline’ puts you on hold, warbles along about how “everyone is a VIP” then cuts you off after a couple of (expensive) minutes. I think I’ve found the location on Google maps, but experience of these things is they are written by people who don’t know the city and have never ridden a bus in their life,  so if anyone reading this knows Rotterdam and could confirm the information, I’d be grateful.

While I wait in the holding queue on P and O I’m going to get some work on the rather neglected garden. Last time I was able to go there, the pumpkins were engaged in a battle to the death for world domination, or at least domination of that bit of the world which has cow poo and cardboard covering it, and the grass has grown so high you can’t tell where the beds end and the paths begin.

I’m also going to get some sleep, so if you could leave your comments quietly, that would be great. Thank you.